Practical Steps to Avoid Burnout in the Title Industry

Practical Steps to Avoid Burnout in the Title Industry

Many different factors can lead to title agents getting burned out doing their jobs. Working long hours, not being able to take breaks, increased responsibilities, and poor working environments are examples of what leads to burnout. Title companies can help their employees in different ways by taking steps to reduce phone calls, streamline processes, adjust goals, acknowledge achievements, create a great work environment, and more. These practical steps may seem small, but can go a long way in avoiding burnout in title agents and other employees in your company.

Set Realistic Goals And Standards

There’s an instant sense of stress and anxiety when title agents feel like they can’t achieve lofty goals or standards. However, the general nature of a title agent is to do whatever it takes to reach those goals to meet the needs of customers and of the company they work for. The result could be working late into the night, going home and working some more, losing sleep at night, and other actions that are not good for a person’s mental health. Evaluate your company’s goals and standards and compare them to the pieces you have in place to help achieve them. You may consider investing in a virtual closing assistant for title companies to reduce phone calls and emails and free up some time for your agents to complete complicated tasks so they don’t have to spend effort on time-consuming duties.

Communicate And Acknowledge Achievements

Everyone needs a pat on the back occasionally for doing a great job. You shouldn’t have to congratulate employees for simply doing their jobs every day, but it is nice to acknowledge individual and company-wide achievements. When people can feel their work is making a positive impact, it can provide extra motivation to continue plugging along rather than feeling like they are stuck in a never-ending cycle with no positive results.

Help Employees Understand Their Purpose

Employees who understand their purpose are generally happier at work and more motivated to complete tasks. This could be as simple as relaying communication from a client that they were pleased with how smoothly the refinance or sale of their home went. You could also consider pulling back the curtain on the business side a bit and giving employees a little insight into the monthly or quarterly numbers and how their hard work led to the accomplishments and success. 

Create A Welcoming And Relaxing Work Environment

Employee burnout is much less likely when they have a welcoming and relaxing environment to work in. The outside stress from the COVID-19 pandemic and other external factors can be reduced slightly when a title agent feels better about going to work. Now more than ever before is the time to encourage mental health breaks, provide resources for coping with stress, streamline workflows, and other things to help your title agents succeed. And you never know, the best title company resource you may provide is a program designed to help reduce phone calls and emails, which directly lowers the stress levels of your employees. develops innovative software for the title industry. Learn more about how we can help you succeed.


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