Practical and Successful Client Communication

Conversational AI

The foundation of any successful title company is how effective its communication is with its clients. No one wants to leave voicemails anymore or have to send an email that may not receive a response for a couple of days. We live in a world where immediate responses are demanded. The good news is title technology is available to help title companies overcome common communication hurdles. Let Alanna’s conversational AI abilities boost your communication efforts without overdoing them.

What Form Of Communication Do Your Clients Want?

Which form of communication would help your clients the most? Phone calls are only valuable if you have a team available to answer and provide responses immediately. Emails are somewhat practical because clients can send one from anywhere, but again, you have to be able to respond quickly. The downside to these communication methods are you almost have to hire another assistant just to provide the timely responses you need.

Text messaging is the most widely accepted and practical form of communication today. Alanna takes this to the next level with her conversational AI abilities. Clients can get the same information from Alanna as they would talking to a human. The difference is she can provide answers immediately without your employees having to lift a finger in most cases.

Can You Communicate With Clients 24/7?

Being available to your clients 24/7 isn’t possible without Alanna. It’s hard to find anyone who wants to be available to work around the clock. But Alanna is always online and ready to provide clients with the answers they need. Many times clients find time to work on their closing documents in the evening after business hours. The ability to simply text Alanna with questions and get responses immediately allows the closing process to easily continue and stay on schedule.

Overcome Simple Communication Hurdles With Alanna

Communication problems are the root of frustration with many real estate transactions. Upgrading your title technology with Alanna can solve a lot of these communication issues. It’s important to understand that Alanna’s conversational AI is not like a normal chatbot. Clients receive accurate answers about their specific files since Alanna is tied to your title production system. But if for some reason Alanna doesn’t have the answer a client needs, they can ask to speak to a human and have a live chat or leave a message for their closer, so they can still get human assistance when needed. is the developer of the title industry’s only conversational AI technology capable of holding complex conversations with clients via SMS text or web chat. Learn more about how she can help you streamline client communications and make them more successful.