End The Paper Forms Gathering Chase, Move To Digital Online Smart Forms

Online Smart Forms

Online Smart Forms

How does your title company send documents that need to be signed? Unless you’ve migrated over to using smart forms, chances are you send out an email with a welcome bundle of forms that need to be printed, signed, scanned, and returned to your title agent. Or you might even print the forms in your office and deliver them or have someone come by to pick them up. Every step in this process takes time and there are plenty of things that could create unnecessary delays. Incorporating digital online smart forms can eliminate a lot of these unnecessary steps and make it easier for everyone involved in a real estate transaction.

Eliminate Printing, Scanning, And Emailing

With digital online smart forms, you can eliminate the hassle of printing, scanning, and emailing documents that inevitably cause delays. These online forms can be accessed from a person’s phone where they can review them, sign with their finger, and submit. The information then gets automatically updated into your title production system so your title agent won’t have to manually input a lot of the data.

Complete Online Forms From Anywhere

One of the biggest reasons a homebuyer is delayed in returning documents is because they don’t have access to a printer or scanner. With digital online smart forms, this problem is solved because they can complete the forms anywhere. For example, they can pull them up on their smartphone during lunch if they are at work. Or, if they are lying in bed at the end of the night, they can sign the documents right there.

Receive Information And Minimize Paper Chase

Digital online smart forms are like having an assistant ready to input data for a title agent. The information goes directly into your title production system as a PDF document and is much more convenient than shuffling through papers. Put an end to paper forms today and incorporate Alanna into your title company.

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