Who Answers Questions At 9 pm On A Saturday Night … Alanna Does

Conversational AI

Have you ever had a customer, REALTOR®, or lender tell you they would have had the documents you asked for on time, but they had a question to ask first and it was already after business hours? And when they ask you the question the next morning, it could take you a couple of hours to get back to them because you have to dig through files while handling other tasks you’re doing at the same time. What seems like a harmless thing of not being able to ask a question overnight can actually delay a closing depending on the time sensitivity. The solution here is to have 24/7 availability, and Alanna can help.

Customers Can Simply Text Alanna Their Questions

When you have Alanna on your team, customers, REALTORS®, and lenders can text their questions at any time, 24/7. Sometimes the question is as simple as what the final closing costs are so they can write the appropriate amount on the check. Other questions might be a little more complex, but Alanna can still handle most of them. So no matter if it’s 9 pm on a Saturday night, Alanna will be there for your customers no matter the time so they are ready to go Monday morning.

Managing Conversations Is One Of Alanna’s Strengths

What makes Alanna’s conversational AI unique is she doesn’t simply provide answers to the easiest questions in a file. She can handle outbound messaging as well, which includes managing conversations. This aspect of conversational AI leads to a better experience for your customers, REALTORS®, and lenders since they won’t get frustrated texting or chatting with what seems to be a robot.

Provide Stellar Customer Service Around The Clock

The right title tech tools can help you become more efficient and provide better customer service at the same time. With Alanna’s conversational AI skills, everyone can have the answers they need at any time, which will help keep the upcoming closing on track. Many title companies are surprised at how much time they spend on the phone or answering emails when they have Alanna handling those for them. Customers will be happier that they have information quicker, and your employees will be equally as happy that they can focus on other tasks.

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