Long-Term Success Starts With Communication

Title tech

Most people have dealt with a company or individual who only gives short answers to every question asked. If you’ve experienced that, how does it make you feel? Chances are you felt a little frustrated and might have even taken your business elsewhere. The title industry is no different. Whether you’re talking to clients, real estate agents or lenders, clear and effective communication is vital. Utilizing the right title tech tools can help bridge communication gaps and the long-term results are favorable for your company. Here are some ways you can improve your communication with your network.

Be Responsive

Lack of responsiveness is the number one frustration clients have across the board. They expect you to answer the phone when it rings and to respond to an email timely. But whether your title company is short-handed or if you’re simply too busy handling details for another closing, these two things often don’t meet client expectations. There are only so many hours in a work day and only so many people your company can hire. The solution? Implementing conversational AI can solve the vast majority of communication breakdown, including lack of responsiveness.

Communicate Proactively

Proactive communication is sometimes impossible when employees are drowning in other work. But it’s still important to keep in touch with clients to ensure everything stays on track for closing day. This is where conversational AI can help again. Schedule reminders can be sent to clients for important dates, when they need to send you documents, and more. Essentially, you help answer questions before clients ask. And you’ll stay at the top of their minds, increasing the chance of on schedule closing with minimal stress.

What Communication Gaps Are In Your Title Company?

If any of the above problems are present in your title company, then Alanna is the solution. Conversational AI is Alanna’s strength. With this title tech tool, you can reduce the amount of manual data entry employees have to do. And remember those phone calls and emails that need to be handled urgently? Alanna can answer virtually any question clients, real estate agents, or lenders have without your employees having to lift a finger. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not, and you’re closer than you think to experiencing long-term success.

Alanna.ai is the developer of the title industry’s only conversational AI technology capable of holding complex conversations with clients via SMS text or web chat. Learn more about how she can help you experience long-term success by implementing effective communication.