Introducing Alanna to Your Staff

Conversational AI

Upgrading to new title technology is often essential for title companies to keep up with the competition. However, there’s always a sense of hesitancy to make such a big change because you never know how it will be accepted among staff members. While your staff likely isn’t part of the decision-making process, they are ultimately the ones who will be impacted most. You know Alanna will help them and the company, so you just have to introduce their new assistant to them the right way.

Change Is Never Easy

Change is never easy in any office setting. Be sure to acknowledge this and be specific with some of the concerns your staff has voiced. Demonstrate that you’ve thought this through and the decision was made to move forward with Alanna as the best solution available for your company’s needs. And of course, reiterate that Alanna is not there to replace anyone. Instead, she’s a virtual assistant who can help them do their jobs more efficiently.

Explain How Alanna Can Make Their Work Lives Easier

Ask your team who among them enjoys picking up the phone, answering emails, or entering in data from stacks of papers. Chances are you won’t get many responses. Alanna’s conversational AI abilities can handle all of these frustrating and tedious tasks your staff members do. Explain how it works in detail. Once they start seeing how their jobs can be made easier, you might slowly see them open up to the change.

Be Open To All Concerns

Listening to every concern is vital when going through a transition with title technology. And even though you know there’s nothing to be concerned about with Alanna, remember this is new to your staff. Explain that their concerns are taken into consideration and you understand there will be bumps along the way. But also reiterate that you’re confident in Alanna and your staff to get through any issues together.

Keep Reinforcing Benefits And Celebrate Achievements

The process of being more efficient could have challenges, but the end goal will be very sweet. It’s natural for you to focus on the long-term goals, while your staff focuses more on the short-term day-to-day impact. Now is the time to constantly reinforce the benefits of Alanna and stay the course during any challenges. Any success or achievements from your staff should be magnified and celebrated more than normal during these times of transition. is the developer of the title industry’s only conversational AI technology capable of holding complex conversations with clients via SMS text or web chat. Learn more about how she can help your staff even when they might not see it right away.