Simply Text Alanna Demo (Video)

Real estate agents, lenders, buyers and sellers can Simply Text Alanna to get the information they need. No logins. No apps.

Alanna Demo

In this short video,  Alanna’s texting ability are demonstrated showing how a real estate agent could obtain information about a property.  This is all done, without the use of an app.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Alanna makes use of superior Natural Language Processing (NLP) to recognize requests and can be trained to reply to new requests as developments are observed.

Fast & Accurate

Alanna offers quick and accurate information to file-based or standard questions by using text message. Customers can use their intelligent assistant for hands-free requests.

Get Answers 24/7

Alanna is constantly available. Your clients can get access to the data they want on-site, in the course of lunch, and even when your commercial enterprise is closed.

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