Improve Operational Efficiency with Alanna

Conversational AI

Title company employees typically have multiple responsibilities in their organization. While it might seem like you run a well-oiled machine to your clients, what is the internal vibe like within your company? Employees often believe operational efficiency could be improved to make the closing process a little smoother. A simple tool like conversational AI can be the answer to a lot of problems.

Alanna is the assistant every title company needs to improve its processes, eliminate mistakes, and provide seamless communication. With each of these, your employees work just as hard, but they get more done. Here are some of the specific ways Alanna can improve your title company’s operational efficiency.

Eliminate Mistakes To Boost Efficiency

A single mistake can set back the closing process to the point where you’re always playing catch-up. When you have Alanna in the picture, documents and information are updated in real-time to eliminate any mistakes. This is particularly important when providing closing cost estimates. Your employees only need to enter basic information and Alanna will calculate the rest. And you don’t even have to worry about making a mistake when relaying information to the client or real estate agent since they can text or chat with Alanna directly.

Make Communication Seamless

Breakdowns in communication are very common in the title industry. When you have to communicate internally and with clients, real estate agents, and lenders, it’s easy for lines to get crossed. Alanna makes communication simple with her conversational AI abilities. Any party involved in a closing can text or chat with her to get the information they need right away. And since Alanna is available 24/7, clients can get answers to their questions at midnight if that’s the most convenient time for them.

Allow Your Employees To Work Smarter Instead Of Harder

You know you have talented employees on your team, so take the next step to help them maximize their talent. Answering the phone and responding to emails isn’t what they should be doing to move the closing process forward. When you have Alanna in place to handle those tasks, your employees can focus on more complex tasks to keep every transaction on schedule. It also allows them to go above and beyond for your clients to create the “wow” factor and potentially bring you more business as a result. is the developer of the title industry’s only conversational AI technology capable of holding complex conversations with clients via SMS text or web chat. Learn more about how Alanna can help improve operational efficiency within your organization.