Create a Positive Ongoing Client Experience

Conversational AI

Flexibility is an important component of successful title companies. You might have flawless internal systems in place, but if a particular client doesn’t respond well to them, then adjustments have to be made. This is all part of creating a positive client experience and making the closing process as smooth as possible. Incorporating conversational AI is usually the solution many title companies seek out. Alanna provides solutions to common problems title companies have with creating a positive client experience.

Know What Your Clients Want Right Away

You have to make a great first impression on every client. Otherwise, you risk starting on the wrong foot and having to work even harder to earn trust. The goal is to make things as simple as possible for clients and the right title tech tools can help. What if you could send them a text message with a link to fill out documents online rather than handing them a stack of papers to go through? Nearly all clients would prefer it and you can give it to them when you have Alanna on your team.

Make Filling Out Documents As Easy As Possible

Clients have to read and sign a lot of documents in any given real estate transaction. The problem with physical documents is they can get misplaced or clients don’t have access to a scanner to return them promptly. And then when you finally receive the signed documents, your employees have to manually enter the data. With Alanna, clients can fill out documents digitally and when they submit the form, the data goes directly into your title production system. There’s no better way to save both time and headaches for your clients and employees.

Streamlined Communication Eases Any Frustrations

When clients can get information instantaneously, any type of frustrations surrounding communication are essentially eliminated. That’s exactly what Alanna brings to the table. When clients can send a simple text message 24/7 and receive an answer almost immediately, the entire closing process will be smoother for all parties involved.

A Great Client Experience Can Lead To More Business

So why is it so important to create the best client experience possible? For one, it makes the closing much easier for the transaction you’re working on. And maybe most importantly, a great client experience can lead to more business in the future. You can utilize Alanna for marketing campaigns that could give you more clients. But it won’t work unless your existing clients have a flawless experience. is the developer of the title industry’s only conversational AI technology capable of holding complex conversations with clients via SMS text or web chat. Learn more about how she can help create a positive client experience now and in the future.