Alanna Alleviates Staff of Simple Day-to-Day Tasks


Title company employees are talented and skilled in their work and repetitive tasks can become boring after a while. When your employees lose their sense of engagement and simply go through the motions at work, it’s hard to get their productivity back in full force. What are you supposed to do when the phone still needs to be answered and emails need to be responded to? You could hire a new full-time assistant for these tasks. Or, a better choice, partner with Alanna.

Imagine Productivity Without The Phone Ringing

Do you know how much time your employees waste dealing with phone calls? It’s not just the five-minute phone call that’s the problem. It’s also the 15-minute task they have to do after the phone call, not to mention interrupting the task they were working on before the call. So if every phone call takes up to 20 minutes and there are ten phone calls every day, that’s more than three hours spent dealing with phone calls daily!

Alanna’s conversational AI can virtually eliminate the phone ringing and allow clients to have questions answered via text or chat. And most importantly, your staff can have 15 hours of their work week back to focus on tasks that challenge and engage them.

Empower Employees To Maximize Their Skills

With the right title tech tools, you can empower your employees to maximize their skills. Every employee on your staff brings a unique skill set to the table, but they are unable to use their skills when they are handcuffed by simple, routine tasks. Alanna can take these tasks off of their plates so they can feel more engaged at work and boost their productivity at the same time.

Prevent Employee Burnout By Keeping Work Fresh

Doing the same tasks every day can get boring quickly and potentially lead to employee burnout. Title company employees are smart and want to be fulfilled at work. Alanna is the assistant who can allow this to happen. Your employees are more than capable of handling complex tasks, and they will likely welcome them if given the opportunity. Keep their work fresh and give them the tools they need to succeed. By doing so, you’ll prevent employee burnout and boost the entire morale in your organization. is the developer of the title industry’s only conversational AI technology capable of holding complex conversations with clients via SMS text or web chat. Learn more about how she can eliminate simple day-to-day tasks and empower your title company employees at the same time.