How to Eliminate Paperwork With Online Forms

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Anyone who has purchased or sold a home can attest to the fact that there’s a lot of paperwork involved. Title companies have to provide the bulk of the paperwork for customers to fill out, but what if we told you the majority of the papers could be eliminated? One of the main benefits of Alanna is providing customers a link via SMS to Alanna Online Forms rather than filling out information on physical paper. It saves everyone time, but especially for title agents. Here’s how it works.

Send A Text To Request Information

When a title agent needs information from a customer, they don’t have to call or email them when they use Alanna. Instead, a workflow is set up that automatically sends a text message to their phone that contains a link. When the customer clicks on the link, it will direct them to a dynamic Alanna Online Form to fill out and allows them to sign digitally when they are finished. No more having to ask customers to print documents at home or send them via mail. 

Dynamic Forms Eliminate The Need To Request More Information

The online forms with a virtual closing assistant are dynamic, meaning when a customer provides a yes or no answer and further information is needed, they will be prompted to provide it. This title technology aims to make communications and document gathering more efficient without a lot of back-and-forth. Alanna Online Forms are designed to do exactly that, and there’s a very low chance that a title agent will have to ask the customer for additional information after they fill out the forms.

Sign Documents Digitally

Customers can simply use their finger to sign the documents on their mobile device once they have successfully filled them out. And what title agents appreciate the most at that point is that all the information is automatically attached to the file without manual intervention. Now think about the other things the title agent could be doing if this work was taken care of for them. With Alanna, that’s a reality. develops flexible software for the title industry. Learn more about how we can help you.