How a Virtual Closing Assistant is Transforming the Title Industry

Title Industry

The title industry has a reputation for being stuck in old technology. One of the reasons is because title companies, in general, are so busy all the time that they can’t afford to take the time to train on a new system or title technology, so they just keep plugging away with old technology. However, technology has passed them up and gotten to the point where customers, real estate agents, and lenders expect some type of advanced technology to be used by title companies. A virtual closing assistant will put you ahead of the game and a catalyst for transforming the entire industry.

Eliminating Tedious Paperwork in the Title Industry

One of the most notable things a virtual closing assistant does is eliminates tedious paperwork. You won’t have to email PDF documents for customers to print anymore, and you won’t have to wait on the mail to arrive at your office. With a virtual closing assistant, you can send a text message containing a link for your customer to review and sign the document digitally. Your customer will appreciate not having to print out any documents and will be more likely to complete them quickly. And the best part about it is when they fill out the information, it will all be uploaded into your system directly so your title agent doesn’t have to do any manual data entry.

Streamlining Communications

A virtual closing assistant can be trained on any specific client file. This means it can answer virtually any question a customer, real estate agent, or lender has. They can simply text the virtual closing assistant about closing costs, the closing date, or other file-specific or general questions, and they will receive a response almost immediately. And it’s available 24/7 so they can ask the question when it’s on their minds rather than waiting until the next business day.

Saving Time

If you were told that a virtual closing assistant is equivalent to hiring a full-time title agent and no training is required, would you look into it? That’s exactly what it is. A virtual closing assistant can effectively reduce phone calls, emails, and manual data entry so title agents can focus on complex tasks and take care of every customer. Title agents are almost always overwhelmed and have more work than they can handle, and a virtual closing assistant can be the solution to freeing up some of their time. develops innovative software for the title industry. Learn more about how we can help you succeed.