Enhance Communication Between Title Agents, Lenders and Realtors

Enhance Communication Between Title Agents, Lenders and Realtors

During a real estate sale, title agents, lenders, and realtors all want the same thing. They want the deal to close. Yes, this is good, but wanting the same thing doesn’t always make the process easy. A strong line of communication between all parties is essential for a successful closure. This healthy communication ensures mistakes are avoided and deadlines are met.

Things can get hectic in the title industry. If a title company wants to enhance their communication process, they need to work with the right tech resources. Today, artificial intelligence is helping organizations strengthen the way they interact with partners and clients. For example, an AI-powered virtual closing assistant can act as a title company’s hub of communication and allow title agents, lenders, and realtors to work together during a property closing. Let’s break down how a virtual assistant can enhance communication. 

Real-Time Information 

There are a lot of documents and critical pieces of information involved in a property closing. Title agents, lenders, and realtors all need to have access to up-to-date information for the closing to move forward as planned. This is where virtual assistants become intelligent closing agents. Because artificial intelligence is working behind the scenes, they always have the most current documents, deadlines, and client information on file. They can also provide all parties with the right documents so everyone is on the same page at all times. If a title agent needs to provide information to the lender, they know they can rely on the virtual assistant. The lenders and realtors working with a title company can access information via the virtual assistant as well.

The Freedom of Mobile Communication

When working toward a closing, all parties need to be able to touch base whenever it’s convenient. They also need to be able to get important information on the go. With a virtual assistant in place, this is easy. Title agents, lenders, and realtors can interact with a title company’s virtual assistant via smartphone or tablet. They can chat with the virtual assistant to get questions answered or gain access to necessary documents. Not only does this add a level of convenience, but it also streamlines the communication process by eliminating the need to make direct phone calls in order to get the things each party needs. In this instance, the virtual assistant is the epitome of a hub of communication.  

24/7 Access

When a title company closes for the night, that doesn’t always mean work stops. Realtors and even lenders often continue working from home. When they have questions that need to be answered or documents they need access to, a title company’s virtual closing assistant is always there waiting to assist them. Title agents can also access the virtual closing assistant to communicate with lenders or realtors any time, day or night. This means important tasks don’t have to wait until the next day and a title company has fewer incoming phone calls. A virtual closing assistant with artificial intelligence makes 24/7 communication a reality.    

Boost Communication at Your Title Company 

Don’t let poor communication between title agents, lenders, and realtors get in the way of a successful closing. Integrate an AI-powered virtual assistant in your operation and bring everyone together. 

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