Does Your Current Customer Experience Defer Work or Give Satisfying Answers?

Title technology

Title companies should always be evaluating the level of customer service they provide. The experience you provide customers, REALTORS, and lenders can impact your overall reputation and how much future business they give you. So when you think about it, do you always give the answers they want to hear right away as a title agent? Or do you have to take a message and call them back at a later time to give them the correct answer? Depending on how these inquiries are handled, you might have some holes in your customer service processes that can be plugged up with Alanna AI.

Resolve Customer Inquiries Immediately

Alanna AI is designed to have the intelligence to answer questions with data stored in your title production system. It’s an essential piece of title technology to help you answer client questions immediately and without having to put them on hold or call them back at a later time. REALTORS and clients sometimes get frustrated when they believe they have an easy question, but it takes them hours to get an answer from the title agent. Utilizing artificial intelligence with Alanna AI gives you peace of mind knowing you have their answers at your fingertips since everything is tied to your title production system.

Take Care Of Work Now Instead Of Later

Why put off work for later when it can be handled now? As a title agent, you likely have more work that comes in throughout the day, making your list of things to do longer as you go. One of the best ways to combat this and keep your to-do list reasonable is to incorporate artificial intelligence into your processes. Alanna is an AI team member who can handle the vast majority of phone calls or emails received daily. This allows title agents to focus on work that needs to be done for closing now and minimizing distractions at the same time.

Balance Is Key To An Efficient Workplace

Balancing the job responsibilities of a title agent with providing high-quality customer service is often easier said than done. Title companies struggle with this balance since each issue has a high priority. The missing link for your company could be the utilization of artificial intelligence rather than hiring new people and expanding resources in that manner. When Alanna AI answers customer inquiries the same way you would as a title agent, you can have some comfort and confidence in taking on a more balanced workload. develops highly flexible software for the title industry. Learn more about our service.