Are Your Clients’ Needs Coming First in Your Title Company?

Are Your Clients Needs Coming First in Your Title Company?

As a title company, a handful of people rely on you during the closing of a piece of property. You have a responsibility to provide fast and accurate service so real estate agents can successfully assist their clients and the buyers and sellers can make it through the transaction. This means you need to do everything you can to put your clients’ needs first. If you don’t, your business reputation could suffer. 

One way a title company can better serve their client base is to incorporate the right kind of technology into their operation. More specifically, an AI-powered virtual closing assistant can streamline the many tasks that must come together during a successful closing. It can also make working with your title company much easier and pleasant. Let’s go over some ways to put your clients’ needs first and learn exactly how a virtual assistant can help. 

Identify Your Clients’ Needs 

You can’t put your clients’ needs first if you don’t know what they are. Determining this will require you to ask a few questions. First, you’ll need to consider who your clients are. Do you primarily work with real estate agents or is it a mix of agents, buyers, sellers, and lenders? Once you identify who your base client is, think about some of the biggest challenges they face when working with you. You should also pinpoint where you typically run into problems during the closing process. This information will show you where changes need to be made. For example, if you often have a breakdown in communication between your closing agents and real estate agents, an AI-powered virtual assistant can solve this problem. Your clients can go directly to this resource when they have a question and need a quick answer 24/7. 

Align Your Process With Your Clients’ Needs

Once you fully understand your clients’ needs, it’s time to make changes to better fulfill them. This may require placing more emphasis on certain things such as communication, speed, or organization. Doing so will make things much easier on your clients and closing agents. Clients will be happier and your closing agents will be able to perform their jobs more effectively. This is where a virtual assistant becomes a valuable title company resource. They can facilitate mobile chat interactions, secure document retrieval and delivery, and provide 24/7 access for your clients. This will cover many of your clients’ demands without having your staff get involved. 

Be As Flexible As Possible 

In addition to providing fast and accurate service, your title company needs to be multi-faceted. Providing your clients with only one way to find solutions isn’t going to cut it. This is where an AI-powered virtual closing assistant shines. Providing this resource to your clients will solve many issues at once. They can get dynamic answers to their questions anytime they want. A virtual closing assistant will also allow you to provide closing cost estimates and seller net sheets quickly and easily. Finally, a virtual closing assistant acts as a repository of information for each account, which is extremely reliable when things get hectic.

Let AI Help You Fulfill Your Clients’ Needs 

Understanding and satisfying the needs of your client base is critical for continued growth. A title company resource with AI capability can help you achieve this in the coming year. develops scalable, AI-powered software for the title industry. To learn more, request a demo today.