How AI is Propelling the Customer Experience in Title Companies

How AI is Propelling the Customer Experience in Title Companies

Title companies must facilitate a smooth closing process for every client they do business with. If problems arise, they can have a huge impact on the business’s reputation in the real estate industry. Unfortunately, many hurdles can get in the way of a successful closing. There’s also tons of information title agents, buyers, and sellers need to be aware of. When things get overlooked, major issues appear out of thin air. This is especially the case for small title companies with limited staff and resources. 

That’s why many title companies are now utilizing tech tools powered by artificial intelligence. The result is an automated service that’s both dynamic and adaptable. We’re not talking about a simple chatbot. Instead, a title company can integrate a virtual assistant that takes care of many operational goals in a manner almost comparable to a human. Keep reading to learn how these resources can drive quality customer experience.  

Reliable Answers 24/7 

For buyers and sellers, the process of closing on a home isn’t as straightforward as it is to title agents. Furthermore, the process is time-sensitive. When a client has questions, they need answers right away, which isn’t always possible for a title company to handle manually. However, with an AI-powered virtual assistant in place, clients have access to all the information they need 24/7. A virtual assistant can also provide necessary documents the client doesn’t have or didn’t know they needed. In seconds they can provide realtors and other parties documents for presentation during on-site consultations.  This is an invaluable resource if the closing is the next day and the client needs certain documents to finalize the deal. 

Title Agents Can Provide Higher-Quality Service 

What happens when a business is stretched too thin and can’t spend the right amount of time with each client? The answer is the customer experience deteriorates. This is a problem for small title companies handling a lot of business. Agents get bogged down with answering phones and completing menial tasks, thereby neglecting more important things. However, by using an AI-powered virtual assistant, these problems go away. Instead of calling the title company with simple questions, clients can turn to the virtual assistant. This frees up agents’ workload and allows them to provide better service across the board. Plus, a virtual assistant can assist the agents with document retrieval and calendar reminders. Agents can also see a documentation trail that consists of things like chat histories and document requests.  

Mobile Access 

Companies that provide any sort of customer support need to offer mobile solutions. This is becoming the standard and also how the customer experience is evaluated. With the help of artificial intelligence, mobile service is easy. Clients are able to communicate with a virtual agent via text or a mobile chat function. This speeds up the closing process and ensures clients have the answers they need when they need them. Title agents can also interact with a virtual assistant through their cell phones and stay on top of the closing process, which means all parties remain up to speed. 

Provide Outstanding Service with Artificial Intelligence 

As a company in the title industry, you can’t risk losing clients and damaging your business reputation with outdated service. Integrate an AI-powered virtual closing assistant into your operation and enhance your customer experience. develops scalable tools with AI capability. To learn more, request a demo today.