How AI Can Help Your Title Company Stay Competitive

How AI Can Help Your Title Company Stay Competitive

Implementing the right technology is a necessity for the majority of businesses today, regardless of the industry. Standards have risen with regard to the level of service organizations provide their clients. Failure to live up to expectations and people will make the easy choice of going to your competition. This is even true in the real estate industry. If you own a title company, it’s up to you to offer a seamless process and follow through with results. Adding artificial intelligence to your operation will make this easy. 

In the past, virtual assistants and chatbots were only capable of facilitating one-dimensional interactions and service. Sure, they helped, but this won’t cut it today. That’s why enhancements have been made to these tools allowing them to harness the power of AI. Now, they can perform a wide range of dynamic tasks crucial to the title evaluation and closing process. Let’s go over specific ways artificial intelligence can help you remain competitive. 

Automate Client Interactions 

Customer service in the title industry is much different than in retail environments. All information is unique to a client’s situation and closings are very time-sensitive. AI-powered tools can bring a level of automation to client interactions to ensure all parties involved in a title closing can get information whenever they need it. With a virtual assistant in place, clients can ask questions and get reliable, personalized answers. They can even communicate with the virtual agent through text. Furthermore, an AI-powered virtual assistant can provide crucial documents without the aid of title agents. This level of automation provides a customer experience that will result in client retention and a great reputation in the title industry. 

Only Focus on What Matters 

For your title company to stay competitive, you’ll need your top agents putting everything they have into each account. They can’t do this if they’re bogged down with menial tasks and basic questions. Tools that utilize artificial intelligence can take responsibility for these jobs so your agents can provide top-level service. Because a virtual assistant is available to your clients 24/7, the call volume at your title office will drop. Clients can get answers to their questions by starting a chat interaction from wherever they are. Your title agents can also turn to an AI-powered virtual assistant for document retrieval and information regarding deadlines. The result is a higher success rate and an experience your clients won’t forget. 

An Error-Free Process

Mistakes are the enemy in the title business. A simple oversight can result in major consequences for your clients. They’re also horrible for your business reputation. This is one of the biggest benefits of artificial intelligence. It can interpret your needs and provide reliable responses and information. A virtual assistant can also send out alerts so your clients know exactly where they are in the closing process. Think of this tool as a repository of information that can also communicate dynamically. Speech and language recognition allows a virtual assistant to work more like a human when serving a client. Plus, they can get your agents involved if needed. 

Let AI Give You the Edge You Need 

Old school approaches and tools won’t allow you to serve your clients effectively in today’s digital world. Your title company needs artificial intelligence on your side in order to dominate. develops flexible, scalable tools with AI capability. To learn more, request a demo today.