Advantages Alanna Can Bring to Title Companies

Conversational AI

Title companies upgrade their title tech tools for various reasons. First and foremost they want to provide the best experience possible for customers. But they also want to ensure their employees are working as efficiently as they can. The good news about Alanna is she accomplishes both of those with her conversational AI abilities. Here are some of the advantages you can expect when implementing Alanna for your title company.

Higher Revenue Opportunities

The conversational AI aspect that Alanna brings to the table can save costs and boost your bottom line. Some title companies hire additional staff members to take incoming phone calls and might even outsource to offer 24/7 support. Instead of spending money on this, Alanna can work 24/7 to provide support to clients and real estate agents. This provides growth opportunities for your company and more revenue when you compare it to paying an additional salary for a full-time assistant.

Fewer Distractions For Staff Members

Title company staff members are often limited in what they can do when they constantly have to answer the phone or respond to emails. Alanna can answer many questions a client or real estate agent has without getting a human involved. There’s no need to put your staff under unnecessary pressure or stress by making them answer phone calls, while still staying on task for closing day. Alanna can alleviate the stress by reducing distractions significantly and allowing team members to focus on more important tasks.

Boost Your Reputations With Clients

Clients want to work with title companies that are current with the times technologically. When they can have a great experience with Alanna’s conversational AI, they will think more highly of you. Clients don’t necessarily like calling or emailing about questions, but they are more open to asking their questions if they can do it quickly via text message or webchat. These are two of the skills your company and clients will enjoy with Alanna and you’ll have a better reputation as a result.

Allow Your Most Talented Employees To Expand Their Skill Set

Your employees should never feel like they are being held back from fulfilling their true potential. With Alanna, you can allow your most talented employees to spread their wings and be true assets to your company. And when your employees leave work feeling accomplished and productive, they will be more likely to continue expanding their skills and be an even more valuable part of your team. is the developer of the title industry’s only conversational AI technology capable of holding complex conversations with clients via SMS text or web chat. Learn more about all the benefits she brings to the table.