4 Ways to Prevent Employee Churn During Hectic Times

4 Ways to Prevent Employee Churn During Hectic Times

Many title companies are experiencing higher volumes of work they’ve never had to handle before. This is great for business, but it can be overwhelming to title agents who are already loaded to the max with work to do. Add in the fact that COVID-19 is still a concern and there may be additional stressors employees have to deal with outside of the office. Employee churn can hurt the morale of your office, lower productivity, and can eventually damage your bottom line. These tips and strategies can minimize employee churn during excessively hectic times.

Address Uncertainties Individually

It’s natural to have uneasy and uncertain feelings during these times. Employees may be concerned about how COVID-19 could impact their job or how they can keep up with the large workload put on them. The important thing for title companies is to ensure employees feel like they can express their concerns, fears, and frustrations to upper management. Holding a team meeting may not be the best strategy since some people don’t like speaking in front of other team members. During uncertain times like these, addressing concerns frequently with individual team members can go a long way in ensuring their minds are at peace.

Maintain Normalcy As Much As Possible

While these times are anything but normal, it’s important to maintain normalcy in your work environment as much as possible. With all of the stressors outside of work people may have to deal with, their work may be the one thing that seems normal to them. Of course, you may have to hold more virtual meetings when you would normally have them in person, but the important thing is to keep those meetings on the schedule.

Encourage And Promote Engagement

People will typically start looking for other jobs when they don’t feel engaged or have a sense of purpose. Discuss with your employees both short-term and long-term plans with them, including possible training they can take for future advancement. A great title company resource is a virtual closing assistant to help title agents save time and focus on other tasks. However, it’s important to reassure them that technology like this is designed to help them be more efficient and productive with other important tasks, rather than automating their job and making them feel less relevant.

Allow For Flexibility

Having a flexible work environment is essential today. Title agents with kids have unique school situations to navigate, some may have specific health concerns with themselves or their family, and much more. Title companies have to find a way to balance productivity with the individual needs of their employees. Understand the needs of employees and be as flexible as you reasonably can to help them out. It may take a high level of trust to feel confident they will make up the work and not fall too far behind. However, the alternative of not being flexible could mean employees get too stressed out and leave the company.

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