Use Alanna Campaigns to Mass Text

Conversational AI

Title companies need to create and maintain a recognizable brand to stay on top of the competition. This often means sending out periodic marketing emails, hosting events for real estate agents, and more. Sending out mass emails is the most common way to handle these types of communications, but it doesn’t mean they are the most effective.  By upgrading your title tech tools with Alanna, you can send out mass texts to your contacts about anything you need. It’s all done via Alanna Campaigns. Campaigns will make your job easier and your marketing more successful.

Save Time By Sending Mass Texts To Contacts

Sending mass emails typically doesn’t yield the results title companies are looking for. It’s too easy for an email to get buried or overlooked, or even get caught up in a spam filter. A more effective means of communicating to a large number of recipients is by sending out a mass text message. With Alanna, your contacts will see the message come through as an individual, direct message, so any replies will not go to the entire group. And Alanna will use her same great conversational AI skills to communicate with clients like a human representative would.

What Can Alanna Campaigns Be Used For?

Alanna Campaigns can be your assistant for virtually anything your title company needs. Many companies use it for marketing opportunities, training opportunities, and even invitations to agent events. These types of communications are easy to create and send and you won’t have to hire another human assistant just to get it done. Alanna makes it easy to send messages and track responses or RSVPs so your information is as always organized.

Send Mass Communications To Specific Clients With Ease

Your title company likely has hundreds of contacts, or maybe even thousands. Alanna Campaigns makes it easy to send communications to all of them. You can add contacts by uploading a spreadsheet, adding them directly from Alanna, or adding them straight from your title production system. Send mass texts to all of your contacts or just a specified group with just a few clicks. Campaigns make for simple marketing going forward and you won’t have to clutter your contacts’ inboxes. is the developer of the title industry’s only conversational AI technology capable of holding complex conversations with clients via SMS text or web chat. Learn more about how Alanna Campaigns can make your marketing efforts much simpler.