Top Ways to Save on Closing Costs

Top Ways to Save on Closing Costs

Many first-time homebuyers aren’t aware of how closing costs work and how expensive they can end up being. Closing costs can potentially come to 5% of the total cost of the home. That’s a lot of money buyers have to pay just to seal the deal and get into their new house. Many people in this situation go ahead and pay the first closing cost estimate just to get through the process. However, there are several ways to bring the price down. 

The title industry can seem pretty complex to first-time home buyers. That’s why many title companies try to make things easier on buyers, sellers, real estate agents, and lenders. By using artificial intelligence, they can provide virtual closing assistants to make communication easier for all parties. This can help when generating closing costs. It also helps to know how to reduce the cost. Let’s go over some ways to save. 

Scrutinize the Loan Estimate 

After getting a closing cost estimate, the last thing you want to do is glance over it and accept the expense. You need to go through it with the lender so you understand what each fee covers. If you see two fees that seem to cover the same thing, question it. There’s a chance the lender has overcharged you. A title company that provides virtual closing assistants can automatically generate a closing cost estimate based on some essential pieces of information. Make sure you have them do this to find out if a lower cost is available. 

Shop Around

You’re not obligated to accept the closing cost provided by the first lender you get involved with. You can shop around and compare prices until you find the best offer. It also pays to ask a lender if they’re willing to match the closing costs provided by someone else. Furthermore, there are specific services included in the closing costs you can look for better deals on. For example, the title search fee may be lower somewhere else. A title company that offers virtual closing assistants can automate the cost estimate process so you know if they can provide a better title service fee. 

Negotiate for Lower Costs 

Another way to bring down your closing costs is to negotiate with the lender. Consider this step after you’ve shopped around. A good approach is to ask your lender to remove fees for certain things. Make sure you ask to see the Closing Disclosure form, which details everything in the mortgage loan. Then, get a closing cost estimate from a title company that offers virtual closing assistants. Compare the fees shown on the estimate to the ones on the Closing Disclosure form. If you find discrepancies, bring this to the attention of your lender and ask them to reduce the cost. 

Get the Best Closing Costs Possible   

When buying a home, saving on closing costs can be a challenge. Work with a title company and use the tips discussed above to find the best closing costs possible. develops flexible software powered by artificial intelligence. To learn more, request a demo today.