Title Staff Deserves The Best Technology

Title technology

Title company employees are some of the hardest-working people in the real estate industry. But sometimes it seems they are working hard without utilizing all of their skills. Things like answering the phone and responding to emails keep them busy, but don’t necessarily showcase how valuable they are. When you have the right title technology in your organization, you can reduce tedious tasks and let your staff showcase their skills.

Answer Client Questions Without The Phone Ringing

You probably don’t think about how much time your staff spends on the phone answering client questions. If the phone rings ten times a day and an average call lasts six minutes, that’s an hour a day spent on the phone. That equates to 260 hours throughout the year, which is roughly six and a half weeks’ worth of work, assuming a 40-hour work week. By implementing conversational AI, you can significantly reduce those phone calls, so your staff can use those 260 hours of work to handle more meaningful tasks.

Quick And Efficient Document Collection

Sending and gathering documents from clients can be difficult for various reasons. But when you upgrade your title technology, documents can be sent, signed, and returned digitally. No one likes to shuffle through paperwork nowadays. Digital documents can help your team receive them faster and reduce manual data entry, not to mention the countless reminders clients often need.

Updated Cost Estimates On Demand

A common question clients have revolves around closing costs. With conversational AI, your clients can text or web chat and get their answers immediately. Since this title technology is integrated with your title production system, the closing cost estimates are provided with real-time information. Imagine the number of phone calls you can eliminate with this simple feature.

Keep Your Staff Engaged And Maximize Their Skills

When title technology can reduce the number of tedious tasks your staff has to complete, they can be more fulfilled with complex tasks. Employee burnout is very real and typically occurs when staff doesn’t feel like their skills are being utilized correctly. Adding Alanna to your team is like bringing on an assistant to handle time-consuming tasks. You can trust Alanna to take care of your clients, while your staff handles other aspects of your business.

Alanna.ai is the developer of the title industry’s only conversational AI technology capable of holding complex conversations with clients via SMS text or web chat. Learn more about how Alanna can create a more positive experience for your staff by allowing them to focus on tasks they enjoy doing.