The Differences Between Notifications and Alanna Conversations

Conversational AI

Do you find it helpful when you receive a notification about an appointment reminder or anything else? Many people do, but at the same time, it’s also too easy to clear the reminder and then forget about it again. As a title company, you want your clients to stay on schedule by sending in documents timely and showing up to appointments promptly. The right title tech tools can help you be proactive by implementing conversational AI, which is much more effective than standard notifications.

Alanna Offers More Than Just Notifications

Alanna wants to engage with clients, lenders, and REALTORS rather than simply pushing them a notification. Without Alanna, a title agent might have to send several emails, text messages, and make phone calls to remind clients about an appointment. But when you have the conversational AI benefits of Alanna, clients will be more likely to respond and stay engaged so their closing is at the top of their minds. The main difference between notifications and Alanna’s conversational AI is the ability to ask questions and engage in conversations rather than simply sending a reminder.

Maintain Positive Business Relationships With Conversational AI

Another benefit any title agent can experience with Alanna is maintaining positive business relationships with REALTORS and lenders. These professionals have many different things going on at all times, as does a title agent. However, when you have Alanna, you can help answer any questions they have timely and accurately without disrupting workflow. Everyone wants the closing day to stay on track, and Alanna is the answer to ensure all parties can do so seamlessly.

Alanna Gives Clients Full Attention

When a title agent has a dozen different things to do at any time, their full focus and attention might not be on one particular client. This is not the case with Alanna. Whether a conversation is happening with a client, real estate agent, or a lender, they will feel like they are receiving full, undivided attention. These types of intelligent conversations can set your title company apart from the rest since you can provide everyone involved in a real estate transaction with the information they need to stay on track. is the developer of the title industry’s only conversational AI technology capable of holding complex conversations with clients via SMS text or web chat. Learn more about how you can improve your communications with Alanna.