The Customer Isn’t the Only One Benefiting from AI

The Customer isnt the Only One Benefiting from AI

Businesses in the title industry that must maintain a consistent level of quality customer support have turned to resources that utilize artificial intelligence. This technology helps provide faster service, fewer errors, and can personalize the customer experience. Implementing these types of resources is becoming necessary for businesses to keep up with consumer expectations. However, AI-powered tools also provide many benefits to the business as well. Employees use this technology on a daily basis to make their jobs easier and better serve the client base. 

This is especially useful for a title company needing to streamline their process. Implementing an AI-powered virtual closing assistant not only aids in client resolutions, but it also provides a level of support for title agents. This can be an invaluable resource for a title company trying to gain an edge on their competition. Let’s go over exactly how a title company’s staff can take advantage of a virtual closing assistant. 

Fewer Distractions 

It’s been shown that interruptions can actually make an employee work faster. However, the quality of their work suffers and their stress level rises. In the real estate title industry, title agents need to concentrate on the most complex tasks instead of addressing simple questions from the client. The great thing about an AI-powered virtual closing assistant is it can field common questions, which means phone calls decrease as well as interruptions. Furthermore, a virtual assistant can take care of the information-gathering process so agents can remain focused on the complicated tasks in front of them. The result is a more seamless process and higher-quality outcomes. 


As a customer service resource, tools that use artificial intelligence are faster and more accurate than humans could even dream of being. This capability translates to cost savings for a title company. Because clients can turn to an AI-powered virtual closing assistant for questions and information, a company doesn’t need to add additional administrative staff when scaling. There’s also no need to outsource a call center for overnight support. A virtual closing assistant works 24/7. Finally, with an AI-powered tool in place, costly errors are avoided and a company can take on more clients. This means higher revenue and the chance to grow quicker than originally expected. 

A Better Business Reputation 

In a world where the customer experience a business provides can make or break their reputation, artificial intelligence is a must. These resources provide clients with a level of convenience many people have come to expect. They also offer different options. Clients can opt to communicate with a virtual assistant via mobile devices, receive text alerts, and access important documents. Not only does this make the title closing process much easier, but it also leaves a good impression on the client. They’re more likely to do business with the same title company in the future and recommend them to friends. 

Do Yourself a Favor and Implement AI 

In addition to getting a top-notch customer service resource, AI-powered tools can help a title company’s internal operation function smoothly. Incorporate a virtual closing assistant and start growing now. develops scalable, flexible AI-powered software geared toward the title industry. To learn more, request a demo today.