How to Have Exceptional Customer Service Without Lifting a Finger

Title Agency Customer Service with Conversational AI from

The foundation of any successful title company is built on quality customer service. However, the challenge with providing the best customer service possible is the people you work with might define it differently. Adding new people to your team can help you with the increased volume you might be experiencing, but do you really have the resources to train that many new people? Your customer service could actually decrease by implementing that strategy. By investing in tools based on conversational AI, you can improve customer service without even lifting a finger.

Provide 24/7 Customer Service

When you implement conversational AI tools, you can provide 24/7 customer service to clients, real estate agents, and lenders. All parties would welcome this because sometimes it’s simply not realistic to get everything done during business hours. So if a client has a question one evening about the status of their file or anything specific, they can text Alanna and get the answer immediately. No more having to wait until the next business day to obtain the information, which helps the entire process move forward more smoothly.

Provide Quick And Accurate Closing Costs

One of the most common questions title companies has to answer revolves around closing costs. Having a simple assistant might be able to provide this answer, but with conversational AI tools like Alanna, you’ll be better equipped to answer the follow-up questions as well. Quickness and accuracy are required when providing information like closing costs, and Alanna can help you do it without having to have a human available around the clock.

Gather Information And Forms Quickly And Easily

Do you struggle with getting back information from clients timely? With Alanna, you can use online forms to obtain the information and it gets uploaded directly into your title production system. This means all the time you usually spend chasing customers for  information is given back to you so you can focus on other higher-level tasks. Providing exceptional customer service goes beyond simply providing answers over the phone. It’s doing the things necessary to move a client file forward behind the scenes so everything is smoother for all parties involved. That’s what Alanna can help your company accomplish. develops innovative software for the title industry. Learn more about how we can help you succeed.