Don’t Just Update REALTORS – Engage REALTORS With Intelligent AI Conversations

Conversational AI

Every title company knows how important their relationship with REALTORS is. It’s often the REALTORS that choose the title company clients work with in a real estate transaction, so you want to cater to their needs as much as possible to continue earning business from them. One of the main reasons why REALTORS discontinue working with certain title companies is due to lack of effective communication. But when you implement conversational AI with Alanna, you’ll be able to bridge any gaps in your communication process.

Send Proactive Messages To REALTORS

Instead of waiting for REALTORS to ask you questions about closing costs, dates, or other information, send proactive messages to them as soon as you know. The right title technology can help you generate information quickly and then simply use Alanna to communicate effectively with them. REALTORS will appreciate the proactive nature of your conversation and will remember it the next time they have a client who needs to select a title company.

Keep Closing Day On Schedule

It sometimes seems like you need a dedicated assistant for any given client file. This is not realistic, of course, since it would require more full-time employees in your office. Instead, Alanna can keep closing days on schedule no matter how many transactions you have pending at any given time. She can engage in intelligent conversations with REALTORS and answer virtually any questions about a particular file so the process stays on track. Emails sometimes get lost in the shuffle of the other dozens of emails every day, but that’s not a concern with Alanna.

Maintain Conversations Without Disrupting Your Day

One of the biggest benefits of Alanna is her ability to maintain intelligent conversations with REALTORS throughout the day without disrupting your day. When you don’t have to constantly answer phone calls or emails, you can focus on other important tasks. Meanwhile, Alanna is working with REALTORS through conversational AI to ensure they are taken care of. The win-win situation this creates is second-to-none since everyone feels like they are more productive and clients are happier at the same time. is the developer of the title industry’s only conversational AI technology capable of holding complex conversations with clients via SMS text or web chat. Learn more about how you can develop strong working relationships with REALTORS today!