Digital Online Smart Forms – Your New Form Norm

Conversational AI

Managing documents is a major challenge for every title company. Some companies email forms to clients and ask them to print, sign, and scan them. Others do the printing for clients, which then requires either the customer to come to the office to pick them up or the title company to mail them to their homes. Neither way is ideal, especially when you have the option of incorporating digital online smart forms! You can eliminate the consequences associated with handling physical paper. Every closing day can be made easier with Alanna’s online smart forms. 

Save Time By Not Printing, Scanning, And Emailing Forms

Printing, scanning, and emailing forms can have numerous consequences. A page can get misplaced, scanners could malfunction, clients might not have the equipment for returning documents and have to jump through hoops to return forms to you, etc. Having a digital assistant like Alanna means the same forms can be sent to clients via text message with a link where they can fill in the required information. The information is then submitted and sent directly to your title production system. How easy is that?

Online Smart Forms Have Very Few Limitations

When clients have to juggle physical paperwork, they can be limited when it comes to returning them to you. But with Alanna’s online forms, they can complete them during their lunch break at work, when they have a few minutes at night before bed, or anywhere else. And arguably the best part about digital online forms is if clients have a question, they can simply text Alanna. Her conversational AI skills allow her to answer virtually any questions. Whether it’s a general question about a part of a form or specific file-based questions, she is available 24/7 to provide guidance.

No More Chasing Down Information Or Misplacing Documents

Hunting down documents from clients is not time efficient. But when you don’t have another solution in place, it’s a reality of the job. Having an assistant like Alanna provides your title company with a simple solution so chasing down information doesn’t have to be the norm. Title company employees can focus on other important tasks to keep closing day on schedule, while Alanna gathers the necessary information. When digital online smart forms are the norm at your title company, everything runs more smoothly. is the developer of the title industry’s only conversational AI technology capable of holding complex conversations with clients via SMS text or web chat. Learn more about how digital online smart forms can transform your title company.