Create Your Custom “Alanna” Virtual Closing Assistant

Conversational AI

Title companies have different goals they want to achieve internally. One common goal most have, though, is to grow their business by increasing revenue. Doing so often requires employees to go above and beyond to create a stellar experience for their clients, real estate agents, and lenders. Hiring extra help could solve some problems, but having Alanna as your trusted virtual assistant is even more beneficial. Here are some ways you can create your own Alanna to distinguish your title company.

Who Is Your Alanna?

Alanna is smart, resourceful, and always eager to help with communications to keep things flowing smoothly at your title company. Her conversational AI skills are out of this world and she can easily become the face of your title company. But who is YOUR Alanna? Consider having a staff contest to come up with the perfect name and image. Your Alanna could be a hero like National Integrity Title’s Robin the Superhero. Or if you want to truly stand out, make it an adorable animal like Meridian Title’s Max the Golden Retriever. Creativity can make your title company stand out among the competition, but you need to ensure it makes sense for your company and how you want to be represented.

Your Alanna Will Become A Marketing Tool

Real estate agents want to work with title companies that  have a reliable and recognizable brand. Your Alanna can do exactly that and more. The Alanna name and image you choose can be put on marketing materials to make your brand easily recognizable for potential clients. In a world where title tech tools are abundant, making a recognizable and reputable brand is essential to stay ahead of the curve. 

Your Alanna Image Can Reflect Your Company Image

Whether you want your Alanna image to be a reliable superhero, a friendly animal, or even a fantasy character, it should reflect your company’s image. Once you’ve decided on your Alanna’s image, consider mass texting your network to introduce them.  Impress real estate agents and other clientele with your Alanna’s conversational AI abilities. The 24/7 availability will make you stand out and encourage them to interact with your Alanna, all while building a recognizable brand. Busy real estate agents will clearly see the benefits of working with you and your custom Alanna. is the developer of the title industry’s only conversational AI technology capable of holding complex conversations with clients via SMS text or web chat. Learn more about how you can customize Alanna to accurately reflect your company’s brand.