Getting the Most Out of Your Alanna Experience

Survey - Alanna White Label Title Company

We’re thrilled so many title and settlement services-related businesses have come to rely upon Alanna as their most dependable, versatile and reliable virtual employee. For the majority of them, that satisfaction comes primarily from knowing that client inquiries are being handled effectively, immediately and consistently…all while other employees are freed from their phone and email tag duties for more challenging and productive tasks.

However, Alanna does so much more! So, from time to time, we’ll be sharing some of her additional gifts and abilities with you. After all, in a competitive market such as this, title business owners need to get the most out of every employee.

Gauging customer satisfaction surveys

The life of a title professional tends to be rushed. Especially at the end of the month. The complex nature of the real estate transaction—combined with the intricacies of the mortgage lending process—make the run-up to closing a unique mix of demolition derby, scavenger hunt and choreographed ballet! As a result, sometimes the post-closing follow up with REALTORS, buyers and sellers gets lost in the shuffle in lieu of necessary post-closing tasks.

We know of a number of title agents, however, who have made client follow up a priority. One client in particular tells us she used to send out customer satisfaction survey requests shortly after closing, providing clients with multiple ways to log in or hand write their responses. Her response rate, however, was dismal.

The line between usefulness and inconvenience

The truth about surveys is that so many retailers and businesses send them today that the average user is deluged and fatigued. Think about the last time you filled out a survey of any kind. Odds are, the event being asked about had just happened, and you had strong feelings (one way or the other!) about the way it went. After a day or two—or even an hour or two—those feelings give way to a sense of inconvenience about having to respond to the survey at all. One has to strike while the iron is hot to get a response.

After implementing her own, white-labeled version of Alanna, which provides easy links via SMS text leading clients to their choice of Google Review, online survey or even a text response, that agent began to see almost five client survey responses a week.  She’s thrilled with the results, and has a much better feel for how her firm’s closings are going as well as what clients think about them.

A big part of what Alanna does is offering convenient choices to clients and making it easier not only to initiate a conversation, but to empower the person on the other end of the text to respond. Keep that in mind as you review your post-closing marketing practices. Alanna doesn’t just tell people when the closing is scheduled or request a missing date of birth. She opens the door to valuable feedback as well!