Provide Channels of Customer Service Where There is Opportunity to Excel

Title company

Title agents have an opportunity to interact with clients, real estate agents, lenders, and others daily. Your title company might have multiple channels for customer service, like phone lines, email addresses, in-person visits, and even online chatting. However, just because you have multiple ways for a customer to contact you doesn’t automatically mean you’re providing high levels of customer service. Each customer service channel can be deemed a success or a failure, so here are some tips to increase your chances of all of them being a success.

How Does Your Title Company Handle Volume Spikes?

The end-of-the-month craziness every title company has to deal with can impact your customer service. If the volume of your phone calls spikes during this time, you might not have enough bodies to handle the calls, which means they get sent to voicemail. Customers don’t like leaving voicemails because they never know when they will get a return call. So what other solution can you offer them? 

With Alanna AI, customers can text or chat online and get most of their questions answered without needing a call back. The Alanna AI title technology is tied to your company’s title production system, so you can have peace of mind knowing every answer she provides is accurate. It’s a much better solution than outsourcing phone calls to another country or spending the resources to train a new employee to answer the phone.

Increase Your Chances Of Excelling With Alanna AI

Every customer service channel you have can simply be deemed a success or a failure. Having Alanna AI handle web chats or texts allows her to excel while also letting title agents handle the time-sensitive items needed at closing. The two worst things you can do as a title company are provide clients with inaccurate information or not provide them with the information they need timely. With Alanna AI, both of those are taken care of without having to expend additional training resources. She is engaging, polite, and knowledgeable, while streamlining communication processes for everyone involved in a real estate transaction. develops innovative software for the title industry. Learn more about how we can help you succeed.