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A competitive purchase market (and one likely to grow more competitive into 2022) means a lot of things for a successful title agency. It means increased customer service levels as real estate agents, borrowers and sellers climb back into the mix. It means tighter margins, although for most title agents, that’s a reality in just about any market cycle. And it means rekindling old relationships and forging new ones with real estate brokerages and agents, who often hold the keys to the coveted client referral. 

Traditionally, title agents build relationships with REALTORS the way they do with lenders or other clients and partners. However, even though it’s necessary, it’s that first outreach or impression that tends to be time consuming or require repeated efforts or investment. And that “first” touch usually takes 4, 5 or even 10 emails, texts, calls or advertising impressions before the prospect recognizes the sender. In the old days, that first outreach could include sales mailers or office visits (the proverbial “box of doughnuts” comes to mind).  Today, it’s cold calling or direct emailing if the agent can get a decent list. If the title agent can’t get a list, she can buy it…and hope it’s a quality list. Or maybe it means the title agent or sales people wandering through endless chamber of commerce meetings and county fairs, seeking wayward real estate professionals. Whatever the means, finding new REALTOR leads is a real challenge and a real time-draining expense with modest success rates at best.

If, however, a title agent were to have, say, a list that’s already verified and proven. Something from, perhaps, the agency’s production system. And if the agent were to have a way not just to reach out to them with a message, but a way to invite targeted prospects or even former clients into a conversation, that agent would likely save hours upon hours, not to mention hundreds or thousands of dollars that would otherwise be required to research, purchase and/or build lists.

If only there were a way…

Of course, there is a way. For existing Alanna users, if you haven’t yet checked out our Campaigns function, now is the time. The ability to mass text a market message—a stale, non-responsive broadcast—is nothing new. It’s essentially the oversized, chest-thumping postcard of the 2020’s. However, Campaigns open a conversation. It’s an electronic greeting, not much different from starting a conversation with a targeted prospect at a trade show reception. Unlike a mass text, your Campaigns message can become a conversation with self-identifying leads.

Or you could always stick with what worked in the past. We heard that REALTORS love doughnuts…

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