Winning business in a purchase market requires conversations, not just broadcasts.


Conversations in the Title Industry

The title industry is not your typical industry. As much of the American economy “evolves,” it seems to be leaving the traditional business relationship behind. Not title. Nor mortgage and real estate. The relationship still tends to trump SEO positioning or consumer review research when it comes time for a lender or REALTOR to select a title company or other service provider. Well, relationship and performance.

The precursor to any relationship, and the cement which holds it together through the years, is the conversation. Two-way (or more) discussion. Give and take. If anything, too many consumer-focused industries beyond ours rely a little too heavily on announcements and broadcasts. Static FAQs on websites. Robo-calls incapable of hearing your voice (or tortured screams, in the case of some of the really bad calls!). Voice “directories” designed, seemingly, to do anything but facilitate conversation. In fact, increasingly it seems like the biggest consumer-facing industries do everything they can to avoid conversation with clients. Just sending a marketing email to a past client on a daily basis does not ensure future business. In fact, some would argue it defeats that purpose.

Conversations at

We talk a lot about…well, conversations here at That’s because we know that real estate professionals, buyers and sellers don’t want FAQs. They want to hear (or read) the title agent’s answer to their particular questions or comments. After all, one may buy groceries or shoes on a frequent basis. But they don’t buy (or sell) homes nearly as often. So that personal touch is important. 

Whether she’s wearing her customer service hat or her new Campaigns (marketing) hat, Alanna doesn’t just throw words at your clients. She has conversations with them. She doesn’t just broadcast. She responds. She interacts. Just as you do at trade conferences or client meetings. Give-and-take.

Relationships and conversations are what built the mortgage and title industry. And even as we modernize and make more efficient the way we go about it, it’s what will continue to empower our growth in the future. Shouldn’t our technology reflect that, rather than resisting it?