For title agents, capturing market share requires any edge you can get.

alanna campaigns

We spend a lot of time here at talking about customer service, and with good reason. It’s at the core of what a good title agent does. But we’d like to introduce a new wrinkle today and talk about sales and marketing. After all, we’re seeing the rise of a fiercely competitive purchase market. Title agents know that they can’t compete on things other industries can, like price. So winning the attention of real estate agents and lenders takes any little advantage a title agent can get.

That’s why we’re proud to introduce a new layer to Alanna: Campaigns. 

Alanna Campaigns

Sending a mass marketing message is nothing new for title agents. Many agencies today are able to send a static message to prospects and clients. Some can even send messages that allow for a simple reply, like an RSVP or a completed form from that message. But with Alanna Campaigns, a title agent can take advantage of Alanna’s conversational AI capabilities, and engage with the message recipients.

Campaigns draws directly from the agent’s production system database, which allows that agency to sort the intended audience by things like profession (real estate agent or lender), zip code, closing date, purchase price or even lending product. The UI is amazingly simple to use, so that a campaign can be set up in minutes. And Campaigns also tracks the metrics. Responses can be routed to the appropriate team or person.

Imagine being able to send a message to, say, real estate agents who have sent ten deals to your agency in the last year and engage with them on a topic of interest? Sales begin with relationships in our industry, and relationships begin with conversations.  Alanna Campaigns takes the art of one-way message marketing, and elevates it to a full conversation.

Whether you’re an existing client or want to learn more about Alanna, just contact us. Title agents need every advantage they can get in this market. We’ve just provided one.