Which Repeated Tasks in Your Title Company Can be Automated?

Which Repeated Tasks in Your Title Company Can be Automated?

As a title company, providing a memorable customer experience is the key to improving your business reputation and bringing in new clients. To achieve this in the fast-paced title industry, you need to take advantage of automation. Streamlining your process is the only way you can provide consistent service and allow your staff to operate to the best of their abilities. 

The biggest advantage of automated tools like an AI-powered virtual closing assistant is they eliminate repetitive tasks. However, simply integrating automated tools into your operation won’t fix your problem. You need to understand what repeated tasks are creating bottlenecks. You can then strategize the implementation of AI. Let’s look at some areas where repetition can be reduced by automation. 

Information Delivery 

A lot of critical information must change hands during a title closing. While this information is important, the menial task of having to deliver it can slow down your day-to-day operation. If title agents have to spend time emailing documents and providing information over the phone, they’re not able to concentrate on complex issues. Automated tools offer an easy solution. They can provide real-time information to clients via chat interactions so title agents stay off the phones. Buyers, sellers, and real estate agents can also request secure access to closing documents. An AI-powered virtual closing assistant can facilitate access to this information so your staff doesn’t have to fulfill requests manually throughout the day. 

The Communication Process 

All parties involved in a closing need to be on the same page concerning deadlines and milestones. Even simple details like a title company’s hours of operation need to be readily available. This involves constant correspondence via email or phone, which can end up being extremely repetitive. Automating this communication process using an AI-powered virtual closing assistant takes a lot of pressure off your staff. Instead of calling or emailing your title agents, clients can chat with the virtual closing assistant and have a dynamic interaction. They can get their questions answered at any hour, day or night. A virtual closing assistant can even facilitate fast and accurate communication via text. If a title agent needs to get involved, they’ll be notified so they can jump in and take over.

Enhanced Workflow 

Automation is the perfect tool for improving the workflow of your title company. The more efficient you operate, the less time your staff spends on repetitive tasks. Automating things like closing cost estimates, document access, and file status updates allow your staff to utilize their talents instead of handle menial tasks. By determining where snags are occurring in your operation, you’ll know how to best use tools like an AI-powered virtual closing assistant. Once incorporated, you’ll have automation backing up your team. 

Put Automated Tools to Work for You 

Don’t let repetitive tasks interrupt the closing process and take away from a good customer experience. Incorporate automation into your title company’s process and start working smarter, not harder. 

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