Coffee with Keith, The Hot Seat with Hoyt, and More.

Meet Alanna

Meet Alanna and learn about what she does and how she can help your Title Company improve your customer experience.

Simply Text Alanna

Real estate agents, lenders, buyers and sellers can simply text Alanna to get the information they need. No logins. No apps.

Online Forms

Fast, Easy, and Seamless. Gathering information from realtors, buyers and sellers has never been smoother from start to finish.

Alanna Cost Estimates

Providing a few pieces of information, Alanna can leverage your closing system to generate buyer/seller closing cost estimates.

Coffee with Keith

Ep. 1
In this episode of Coffee with Keith, Keith sits down with Hoyt Mann, President of Alanna.Ai, to discuss the beginnings of the company.

Hot Seat with Hoyt

Ep. 1
In this episode of the Hot Seat with Hoyt, Hoyt interviews our very own Keith Wellman.

Alanna is Here to Help

In the past, when the end of the month comes around - everyone scrambles - and most title companies could use 3 or 4 extra Closers to answer business critical questions. Alanna is here to help, by offloading easy questions and let your Closers focus on what matters most.