More Phone Time or More Production Time?

Title Technology

Every title company operates differently and requires a different number of title agents and staff members to handle the expected volume. One thing almost every title agent has in common is they take great pride in the quality of customer service they provide to customers, REALTORS, and lenders. They have to be good communicators, be timely with their responses, and provide accurate answers to all types of questions. But does that necessarily equate to good customer service? We’ve examined this concept a little deeper and believe more time spent on the phone could be harming the overall goal of providing good customer service.

Does More Phone Time Equate To Better Customer Service?

A closing agent might have to answer dozens of phone calls any given day. The phone call itself might take up to five minutes and then it could take another ten minutes to locate the customer’s file, find the answer, and call the customer back. So when you think about it hypothetically, if every phone call requires 15 minutes of a closer’s time and they answer ten phone calls a day, that’s two-and-a-half hours they spend on the phone. 

Think about what front-line workers at a title company could be doing instead with that time. Most title companies would agree that talented employees should be focusing their time on complex jobs like preparing title reports and reviewing lien releases. But when the phone is constantly ringing, they have to find time to squeeze those necessary tasks in because the customer phone calls are prioritized. So if you don’t have time to review documents thoroughly and timely, are you really providing the best customer service?

Keep Talented Title Company Employees Focused On Productive Work

Alanna AI is innovative title technology to bridge the gap between the busy work of answering phone calls and allowing for more productivity. The phone calls have to be answered, but they don’t have to be answered by your busiest employees. Instead, customers can text or chat with Alanna, get the answers they need without any human interaction, and front-line workers can be working on complex jobs simultaneously. So not only does the customer get their answers, but the closing process keeps moving forward as well. How’s that for quality customer service? develops highly flexible software for the title industry. Learn more about this tool today.