COVID-19 Best Practices When Closing

COVID-19 Best Practices When Closing

Businesses around the world have had to alter the way they operate during the COVID-19 crisis. In order to stay safe, many people are now working from home. This means finding new ways to stay as productive as possible, which can be a challenge for many industries. It’s critical that we understand and implement best practices to help stop the spread of the virus so business can return to normal sooner rather than later. 

Title companies face particularly difficult challenges during these uncertain times. A successful title closing typically requires in-person interactions. Obviously, this isn’t an option right now. Fortunately, there are ways a title company and its clients can continue with an ongoing closing without putting themselves and others in danger. Let’s go over some best practices when doing business during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

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Consider Remote Online Notarization

An especially challenging hurdle for title companies right now is notarization. A title closing requires that documentation get notarized, a process that has traditionally required in-person interaction with a notary public. Fortunately, the SECURE Notarization Act has been introduced to the Senate and many states have already started to allow Remote Online Notarization (RON). This involves the use of audio and visual technology that allows all parties to witness a notarization remotely. By using RON software, the closing process can still proceed as planned. Plus, RON technology is tamper-evident and requires multifactor authorization, so you know all documents will remain secure. 

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Cleanliness and Social Distancing  

Title companies play a vital role in the real estate transaction process, which is why they’ve been deemed an essential business. This means many title company offices are still operating. In these cases, it’s important to implement procedures designed to keep your staff and clients safe. Make sure your office has a healthy supply of hand sanitizer and soap and it is used throughout the day by everyone. It’s also important to observe social distancing in the office. When possible, use chat or text to communicate. If a closing is taking place, limit physical participation to only the required parties. Disinfect meeting rooms and common areas on a regular basis. You should even disinfect pens and office supplies. 

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Work Remotely As Much As Possible 

If your staff is able to maintain productivity by working from home, let them do it. Try to work remotely as much as possible and limit going to the office. This is a situation where a virtual closing assistant can prove invaluable. This tool allows your staff and clients to get the information they need from the comfort of their homes. In addition to using technology to help facilitate communication, you’ll need to stay disciplined while working from home. Make sure you set daily goals and have a workspace that provides privacy. This can be a challenge if you’ve never done it before, but learning these skills now can prove beneficial in the future. 

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Make Safety a Priority During Title Closings

As the COVID-19 crisis continues, title companies are facing challenges they’ve never had to deal with before. While performing a successful closing is now much more difficult, there are still ways you can operate safely. Keep the tips discussed above in mind and help stop the spread of the virus while serving your clients. develops AI-powered software for the title industry. To learn more, request a demo today.