4 Ways Alanna Can Help Closing Agents While Working from Home

4 Ways Alanna Can Help Closing Agents While Working from Home

The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing many professionals to find new ways to work. With shelter-in-place ordinances in effect across the country, many organizations are now conducting business remotely. While working from home has become more and more common in recent years, it’s completely new to many people. These individuals face a tough learning curve as they try to maintain the same level of productivity as they did from their offices. 

The title industry faces particularly tough challenges. Closing agents aren’t used to working 100% remotely, which means they’ll need to incorporate the right tech resources into their workflow to continue to provide the level of service their clients have become used to. They’ll also need to complete tasks that are essential to the closing process. The good news is, a virtual closing agent can make this process much easier. Let’s go over four ways they can help. 

Remote Communication 

During the closing process, maintaining a strong line of communication between all parties involved is essential. Homebuyers, sellers, real estate agents, and lenders all need to be on the same page. This can seem impossible while working from home. However, as a virtual closing assistant, Alanna acts as a hub of communication. A closing agent can direct clients to Alanna’s chat feature. This means everyone can stay connected, regardless of where they are. 

Access to Secure Documents 

Whether it’s mortgage loan information or title insurance, there are many sensitive documents involved in a closing. Alanna offers a way for closing agents to allow secure access to documents to individuals involved in a real estate transaction. Once the closing agent allows access, the client can retrieve the documents through Alanna. Clients can also send documents and get instant responses from a secure channel. This type of security will put clients’ minds at ease. 

Answering Client Questions 

When a buyer, seller, or real estate agent has questions regarding the closing process, they need quick answers. While working from home, a closing agent needs to know their clients have the information they need. By directing clients to a virtual closing assistant, they’ll get fast and accurate answers to their questions. This can happen 24/7. Plus, when a client asks a question Alanna can’t answer, the closing agent can jump in to provide their expertise. This type of remote customer service can easily be provided from home. 

Closing Cost Estimates 

While working remotely, a closing agent will need to perform all the same tasks they did in the office. One of these tasks is providing closing cost estimates. Fortunately, Alanna can facilitate this. All the Real Estate Agent, Buyer or Seller needs to do is enter a few pieces of information and a closing cost estimate will be automatically generated. This helps save time and makes things much easier for the closing agent and their clients. 

Let Alanna Help You Work Remotely 

When businesses experience major interruptions like those being seen during the COVID-19 crisis, work doesn’t have to stop. For a title company, using a virtual closing assistant like Alanna will allow real estate closings to continue as planned. 

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