3 Reasons Why a Title Company Should Automate Tasks

3 Reasons Why a Title Company Should Automate Tasks

Automate Tasks

The complicated and often time-sensitive nature of the real estate title industry calls for efficiency and precision. Whether it’s determining the legitimacy of a title, issuing insurance or facilitating a closing, a title company needs to be on top of every step. Not only does this require experience and know-how, but it also means a company needs the right tools. More specifically, title companies need to have technology to automate tasks in place or they risk falling behind their competition.  

The evolution of artificial intelligence in the customer support industry has resulted in several invaluable business assets. Things like chatbots and virtual assistants can now provide dynamic interactions, whereas in the past they were rather one-dimensional. These AI-powered tools can also track client data, provide access to documents and allow for mobile touchpoints. For a title company, this type of technology is a game-changer. Let’s go over three reasons why you need automation in your arsenal. 

Accelerate the Closing Process 

One of the biggest benefits of automation is the speed it provides. This is what makes tools that utilize artificial intelligence so valuable to a title company. An AI-powered virtual assistant can provide real-time information to closing agents and clients. This means everyone stays on the same page and errors are avoided. Automation also allows for faster, more efficient communication. If a client has a last-minute question about the closing, they can reach the virtual assistant anytime. Even if they’re away from their computer, they can interact with a title company’s virtual assistant via text. Finally, automated tools will free up title agents so they can concentrate on deadlines instead of handling menial tasks. 

Cut Costs 

If you own a title company, you may be hesitant to invest in automated tools. However, after the initial investment, you’ll actually end up cutting long-term costs. This is due to the operational efficiency you’ll experience. An AI-powered virtual assistant will eliminate the need for customer support employees, which means you’re not paying people to field calls and answer client questions. Furthermore, your agents’ time isn’t wasted on simple tasks. Instead, they can oversee the closing process, insurance requirements and other critical components. A virtual assistant will even provide them with documents and closing calculations. The great thing about this service is that it’s easy. Very little training is required to work with the virtual assistant.  

A Better Customer Experience

If you want to set your title company apart from your competition, providing a high-quality customer experience is essential. As technology advances, it’s harder to do this without automation. Things like 24/7 support and personalized interactions are now expected by many consumers. Artificial intelligence helps deliver this type of service. An AI-powered virtual assistant is always available, even from a smartphone. In addition, the type of interactions your clients experience will be much more dynamic. The virtual assistant can interpret keywords and speech patterns, which results in reliable responses. Clients can also request to be transferred to an agent and the virtual assistant will do this right away. This seamless customer experience will lead to higher client retention and a top-notch business reputation. 

Automate Your Operation Today

If things are falling between the cracks during closings, integrate automated tools that utilize artificial intelligence into your operation. You and your clients will notice the difference immediately. 

Alanna.ai develops AI-powered tools that help title companies streamline their process and deliver a better customer experience. To learn more, request a demo today.