Before you start planning for 2023, take stock of what’s working, and what isn’t.

2023 Title Insurance Industry Planning

2023 Title Insurance Industry Planning

You may be too busy wrapping up transactions from a busy summer buying season to think about sitting down to put together your 2023 business plan, but you can at least carve out time to start putting together your inventory.

And I don’t mean counting pens and pads of paper.

In the title and escrow industry, inventory means taking stock of what’s working and what’s not working in your title processes and in your marketing and sales efforts.

Here’s a quick list of information you can start gathering to inform your annual business plan process.

Title Insurance Industry Technology

This is a great place to start, because so much of the success of your title and escrow process has become highly dependent on the how your tech stack is functioning, or in some cases, is dysfunctional. 

Begin with your CIO, COO, IT staff or IT systems provider. Ask them for a written analysis of all the technology being used throughout the company, any issues that have cropped up, security measures that are in place, and any updates and improvements needed for current technology or recommendations for new apps or platforms.

But don’t stop there. Make sure you are getting input from everyone on staff who is actually using the technology, whether that is your title and escrow crew or your marketing and sales professionals. 

Remember that one of the most important aspects of today’s technology is its ability to improve the customer experience, so enlist feedback from your feet-on-the ground staff to make sure your technology is accomplishing that primary goal.

Title Insurance Industry Marketing and PR

We tend to start out the year with big plans for our marketing and public relations efforts. But when the season heats up, those efforts often get short shrift. There is nothing more important in marketing and PR than consistency. Keeping your name in front of your customers, positioning yourself as a thought leader, and offering your customers the educational materials that help them succeed has to be a year-long effort. That means consistent and routine communications with past, present and potential customers.

Ask your staff to review and report on efforts that have been made throughout the past year. Have them identify successes and failures and make recommendations for ways to improve efforts in the coming year. At a higher level, ask them to start thinking through specific messaging for 2023 or ways marketing efforts can be directed at positioning your agency as unique in the marketplace.


It’s difficult to create a viable business plan if you haven’t analyzed what you are up against. A SWOT analysis is a good place to start,

SWOT – which stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats – is an analysis you can conduct with your management team to consider the elements of your business, the economic environment, your competition and your customer base that will need to be considered in putting together a plan for the coming year.

2023 Title Insurance Industry Planning – The Customer Experience

It’s worth repeating that the customer experience should be one of the primary considerations when taking inventory of your processes before putting together an annual business plan. Customer service is and always will be one of the primary differentiators in the title insurance industry. 

At we can help with this most valuable objective in 2023. We take on many of your repetitive communication tasks, freeing up your staff to provide improved customer service when an emergency arises, or a transaction becomes unexpectedly complicated. We can also enable effective and efficient marketing conversations. Call us today to learn more!