Meet Max!

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One of the most powerful features of is the ability to market and brand your Alanna virtual assistant to match your Title Company’s needs. One of our customers has taken this concept to the next level.

Introducing Max!

Meridian Title is a nation-wide, independent title agency with over 80 years in business that provides title insurance, escrow closings, and real estate services. Meridian Title has taken full advantage of Alanna’s customization options by branding their experience as “Max” an adorable and incredibly helpful virtual assistant. Check out their branded introduction to Max below as well as their branding and how it plays with Alanna.

Meet Max - Meridian Title

Meet Max! | Meridian Title 

Meridian Title - - Conversational AI Software for Title Company

Alanna running on the Meridian Website (nice colors!) | Meridian Title 

Meridian Title - - Conversational AI Software for Title Company

Meridian’s branding is on point! Hi Max! | Meridian Title 

Watch the Interview!

Our interview with Brent Fielder, Executive Director of Sales and Marketing at Meridian Title

Closing Thoughts

This is just one example of how fellow customers are taking Alanna to the next level. In a world where customer experience is everything, your brand should flow throughout all aspects of your business. Alanna gives you the tools to make that possible. If you need assistance in getting your Alanna Virtual Assistant to match your brand feel free to reach out to our support staff who can help you get on your way.

Thank you for being our customer!