Alanna.ai is a technology company whose sole mission is to provide innovative technologies to the title industry. Alanna's leadership is comprised of former RamQuest leaders and title industry experts.


Randall Nelson | CEO

Randall Nelson is a serial entrepreneur who has founded or co-founded several software companies including RamQuest Software, PhaseWare, Inc and Alanna.ai.


Hoyt Mann | President

 Technical evangelist with leading Dallas-based companies, including EDS, EpicRealm, MCI, OpenConnect Systems and RamQuest.


James P. Schlimmer | Advisor

Managing Partner of Cottrell Title & Escrow.


Keith Wellman | Vice President Sales

Expert at leveraging software solutions to solve industry problems.

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Brenda Nelson | Chief Financial Officer

Ensures smooth financial operations company-wide.

Craig Santoli | Chief Technology Officer

Technology expert with 25 years of software development experience.
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Erik Lopez | Lead Visual Designer

Designer of all visual aspects of the Alanna brand experience.
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Stu Dunn | Lead Software Developer

Ensues maintenance and updating of Alanna software.

Penne Hatcher | IT Director

20+ years experience in IT and the Title industry.


Rayce Barlieb | Training and Support Manager

Over 20 years of Software Support and Training experience helping customers make the most of their Software Solutions.

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In the past, when the end of the month comes around - everyone scrambles - and most title companies could use 3 or 4 extra Closers to answer business critical questions. Alanna is here to help, by offloading easy questions and let your Closers focus on what matters most.