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Serve More. Earn More. Save More.

Free Your Team to Focus on High-Impact Work with Alanna.AI

Designed for the title industry, Alanna.AI provides your clients with answers to their questions 24/7 --
keeping your processes running smoothly & freeing up your team to
tackle complex issues, capture new customers, and engage in value-added activities

Revolutionizing Title Communication

Text Alanna to get answers quickly and easily.

Streamlining Title Operations

Digitally Transform Your Business

Important, but routine questions from clients, realtors, & lenders can bog your team down, leading to slower response times and inefficiency.

The Solution? Just Text Alanna!

Powered by conversational AI, Alanna is like talking to a person. Available 24/7 from your phone, tablet, or desktop, Alanna works with text and voice-to-text Just like the voice-based assistants on your phone or popular home devices.

  • Conversational Intelligent Assistant: Provides real-time assistance & communication.
  •  Chat Handoffs: A live agent can take over a chat.
  • On-Demand Access: Clients can access info and assistance on-demand.
  • File Status Updates: Provides real-time status updates.
  • Document Exchange: Facilitates secure document sharing.

Operational efficiency takes on a whole new meaning with Alanna Smart Forms, designed specifically for title agencies.

  • Seamlessly gather information from realtors, buyers, and sellers online via phone, tablet, or desktop.
    Eliminate the need for manual data entry from email, print, scan, or fax.
  • Automatically Your Title Production Software (TPS) Benefit from automated workflows that instantly update corresponding fields in the TPS, driving increased efficiency and precision in your processes.
  • Streamline your workflow with state-specific forms featuring auto-filled data fields and intelligent field integration.

Alanna’s customizable, dynamic forms, streamline operations –Boosting your team’s efficiency, speed, and accuracy in managing critical information.

"Alanna has saved me at least 320 labor hours on the redundant questions clients ask and has allowed my staff time to focus on getting to the closing table."

"There’s so much tech out there and it’s easy to get lost in it all. Alanna is different and I believe will help take our business to the next level."

" is intuitive and easy to setup with ResWare. As a bonus, I’ve never worked with anyone that responds so quickly!"

Serve More. Earn More. Save More. logo horizontal

Serve More Clients.

Text Alanna to get answers quickly and easily.

  • Instant Responses: With Alanna.AI, clients receive immediate answers to their questions, reducing delays and enhancing satisfaction, which allows you to handle more clients efficiently.
  • 24/7 Availability: Never miss an update. Alanna.AI provides continuous support, from collecting critical file information to responses to important questions, ensuring your clients always have the info they need.
  • 54 Languages: No multilingual staff members? No problem! Alanna.AI can detect the language your client uses and respond accordingly in that language. When the message is relayed to your staff, it will be translated to that staff member’s preferred language. There is no need for Google Translate; Alanna.AI takes care of it all.

Earn More Business.

Unlock Your Team's Potential & Drive Growth

  • Boost Productivity: Alanna.AI enables your team to focus on what they excel at, build relationships, address complex issues, and apply their expertise where it’s most needed. The result? More accurate, efficient work that significantly improves the overall customer experience.
  • Boost Sales: Exceptional customer experiences lead to satisfied clients who are more likely to return and recommend your services. By consistently delivering top-notch service, Alanna.AI helps you free up your team’s time to focus on relationship & business-building activities that build trust, loyalty, and foster long-term client relationships.
  • Scale Your Business: Whether you’re a small firm or a large enterprise, Alanna.AI scales with your business, providing the support you need as you grow.

Save More Time & Resources.

Maximize Efficiency & Cut Costs with Alanna.AI

  • Cut Costs: Automating repetitive processes reduces labor costs and minimizes errors, saving you both time and money.
  • Reduce Workload: Alanna.AI takes care of routine tasks, freeing your team to focus on more critical aspects of your business.
    • Client Service: Provides 24/7 support for Resware, SoftPro & RamQuest
    • Order Entry: Opens new orders in title software production system 24/7.
    • Closing: Creates buyer closing cost estimates and seller net sheets 24/7.
    • Processing: Collects & processes seller/ buyer information via Alanna Smart Forms.
    • Support: Sends proactive text messages and emails to all parties in the transaction.
    • Sales: Enables mass text message marketing for post-closing marketing, client retention, and new business.
    • Marketing: Acts as your brand ambassador, quickly and accurately guiding consumers through the title process on their schedule.

Alanna.AI takes over the ordinary
so your team can do the EXTRAORDINARY.

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"My favorite features are the texts that go out upon file creation and when closing is scheduled.  I also love being able to text from the portal."

Amanda Kimura

Managing Escrow Officer
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"Alanna has been a successful tool when trying to effectively communicate with our clients. It is fast, efficient and I use it on a daily basis. Our clients also seem to appreciate the faster response times and limited contact required. Thank you Alanna!"

Nikki Pease

Escrow Officer
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"I love Alanna/Hey Apex!.  It saves so much time on the phone.  Leaving voice messages, then waiting minutes or even hours for a return call.  I can send a quick message and normally get a response within a couple minutes. Our clients love the convenience of being able to text their questions and getting a response quickly."

Tammy Trammell

Escrow Assistant

Speaking of customer service, I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Penne, Tammy, and Rayce.  They are professional, friendly, and always on top of things.  The implementation process to get Oly up and running was superb.  We were amazed by how often a request from us to change the way Oly might answer a question or send an outbound message was handled by your development team while we were on the call, in real time.  Given all the regional nuances in how real estate transactions are handled, it's a monumental task to create a service like Alanna that can work nationwide.  I'm thrilled with the response Oly has received so far and I look forward to a long partnership with

Maureen Pfaff

President / CEO Olympic Peninsula Title

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